Back Workout

There’s not a lot I have to explain about back. I like to do machines/ cables for back because it keeps constant tension on the muscles. Sets of 5 per exercise. Set 1 & 2 Reps are 15-20 for light weights Set 3-4 Reps are 10-12 for moderate weights Set 5 Reps are 8-10 for slightly heavy weight Things to remember: -Don’t rest as long! 30seconds to a minute would be a good rest time. -If you go heavy on rows you will end up using more biceps than targeting specific back muscles resulting in big arms and small back. – Pull ups are good for building your back. If you can’t do a pull up; you can use the assisted pull up / dip machine if your gym has one like I showed you here in the video at the end. I do dead lifts on some days. I’ll post a video sometime to explain some techniques on it. This video was shot on a Sony HDR CX150. I’ve now upgraded to a Canon ViXIA HF M31 but I haven’t tried it out. This is all filmed/ edited by me so yeah I’m still new to this. Hopefully my videos will turn out better! lol its hard to train and film at the same time. Anyways, questions please leave them below on the comment. I won’t answer anywhere else.
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