back pain treatment,sciatica nerve pain,neck pain exercises

back pain treatment,sciatica nerve pain,neck pain exercises

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MIRACLE BACK PAIN CURE—————————————————The miracle is that you made it happen. Concentrate on the muscles at you back, identifying the seat of the pain. Do routine exercises to ease the tension and stress to build up your weak muscles. But these can give you only temporary relief, you have to remove the symptoms. Even if you do not have back pains, you need to take proper rest by lying down from 2 – 4 hours daily on your back. Place a heating pad over the sore area. The good news:back pain can be prevented, if unpreventable, some types of treatments are available, surgery is seldom required and discover the miracle back pain cure. Third step is using your common sense, this is the best advice to heal faster. Second step is moving. Back pain is the exorbitant premium you have to pay for the kind of lifestyle you are leading today. The best remedy is bed rest. You acquire the knowledge on how to cure back pains and how to use them to achieve the cure, not in a few minutes but according to the length of time that it normally takes place. Listen to your muscles since this is the core of the ache. First step is understanding. Heat therapy, in a heated bathtub or Jacuzzi, is useful to loosen and relax stressed back and muscles. When joints are tightened, the muscles around them are also tightened while the others are weakened. Sometimes, it is better to withstand the pain involved in your stretching than enduring the pain for a lifetime.

EXERCISE TECHNIQUES—————————————————Take a deep breath, counting from 1 to 5 as you continuously inhale and exhale, breathing in and breathing out. Take a deep breath, inhale and exhale repeatedly, doing it again from 5 to 10 minutes. While bending your knees and placing both feet flat on the floor, clench your fists, with knuckles upwards. Repeat. Pinpoint the area where the skin fold bulges, this is your acupressure point. Take a deep breath and relax for at least 30 seconds. Take a deep breathe, inhale and exhale repeatedly from 5 to 10 minutes. Place your knuckles on top of the muscles where pain seems to emanate, put a lot of pressure then sustain the pressure. Exercise 1 – Lie on your back and slowly raise both legs together as far as you can hold your breath. With your heels firmly on the ground, bend your knees and hold on until the count of 10. Place the pencil tip firmly and knuckle between your inner ankle bone and Achilles tendon, allowing the larger tendon to run smoothly from your heel bone to the muscles of your calf. Technique 3. Hip roll – Lie flat on back, arms out, palms face down, bend knees and then roll to one side with your abs sucked in. Apply deep pressure by pushing it, then holding it for a few seconds, then pushing it, then releasing and pushing and then holding it for a few seconds and release. Close your hand into a tight fist and notice the outside of your hand beside the pinkie finger.

STATISTICS ON BACK PAIN—————————————————

TREATMENT FOR BACK PAINS—————————————————The acute back pain occurs suddenly and might last for 3 months and the chronic which develops gradually and last for more than 12 weeks. The types of surgery commonly performed are – discectomy which removes the herniated disc that pressurized the nerves, the fusion surgery which is due to vertebra slip and it has to be fused into place by using metal rods and injections at the back to relieve pain. Surgery as option. The following conditions required surgery – If the patient has ruptured hernia, the patient make poor response to any medication and the symptoms are getting worst. This medicine is used to treat depression but it can also relieve nerve pains.

CAUSES OF BACK PAINS—————————————————> Other factors can cause back aches. Poor posture and body mechanics, emotional stress, heavy weight and obesity, anemia, whiplash, cancer pain, diabetes, aging and piriformes syndrome. > Back pain during pregnancy. On the 3rd trimester of pregnancy, most women complain of back pains. This is due to the added weight and hormonal fibers which expand the sacroiliac joints and widens the size of the birth canal. > Infection of the spine. If you are feverish, feel tender and warm and your back aches, the cause is infection. > Automobile accident. There will be back pains as the body is affected by the damages in tissue, muscles, ligaments and tendons caused by the impact. > Sciatica. As the swelling herniated disk thronged on the main nerve which descends upon your legs, you will experience shooting pains in your buttocks and lack of the legs.

TYPES OF BACK PAINS—————————————————It can be a burning or stinging pain or felt like a thousand needles pricking your legs. When ache in the back goes down to the legs, this is a sign of sciatica. When to consult the doctor? Backaches are not fatal disorders but a doctor has to be consulted under these conditions:When your legs and arms are numbed and tingling and you are losing control of their movements, this is a sign that your spinal cord is damaged. When you feel pain every time you cough or bend from the waist, you have herniated disk. And when you are under the age of 50 and you feel a dull ache on one area of your spine when lying or getting out of bed, you are suffering from osteoarthritis.

COMPLEMENTARY AND ALTERNATIVE TREATMENT—————————————————> Massage. The physical therapist uses his fingers and hands to manipulate the soft tissues, muscles, skin and tendons. Massaging can relieve tension and stress and it is also is safe because it has no side effects. His therapy is not advisable for those who have unhealed fractures, deep vein thrombosis, skin infection, open wounds, rheumatoid arthritis and osteoporosis. > Yoga involves various physical poses and controlled breathing to achieve a calm mind and relaxed body. Aside from improving your physical fitness, it is also an effective therapy in reducing back pain which will last for several months. > Transcutaneous electric nerve stimulus (TENS) TEN delivers electrical impulses in the body by means of electrodes placed on the skin. It works two ways:first, the low electric impulses can stimulate the body to produce endorphins, the natural body painkillers and second, the high electric impulses can block the pain signals starting from your back to the brain.

RISKS FACTORS—————————————————Sedentary work involves prolonged sitting and limited movements in one’s job back pains result from maintaining the same position for hours. These are conditions that are conducive to back pains. Back pains are caused by the debilitating conditions brought about by osteoporosis, vertebral fractures, osteoarthritis, degenerative spondylolishtesis, degenerative disk diseases, spinal stenosis, pinched nerves and adult scoliosis. Stressful job, anxiety and depression belong to the chronic pain territory.

TESTS AND DIAGNOSTICS—————————————————An assessment will be made as the source of the pain and your ability to move, your muscle spasms and probable cause of your back ache.

PREVENTION OF BACK PAINS—————————————————Here are some tips on how to prevent back pains:Do a lot of exercise on stretching and strengthening your muscles. And lastly, do not use high heels, use medium heels instead. Make sure your automobile seat provides for a low back support and use throw pillows when necessary. In picking up objects from the floor, do not bend down, instead use your knees then lift the object from one side.

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