Back pain relief through exercises

Back pain relief through exercises

Article by John Scott

Back pain often results from the poor condition of the back in general. Things like your posture, daily activity, the way you perform actions with your back and exercising can both prevent and promote back pain depending on the way you do it all. Quite often problems start when the abdominal and back muscles are too weak to support the correct posture. When this happens, other muscles as well as joints experience increased pressure that can lead to painful sensations.

The most seemingly obvious solution for back pain is rest, more particularly – lying in bed. However, doctors strongly discourage such “treatment” because it does nothing to strengthen the back muscles but on the contrary – weakens them further and destabilizes the balance in the back, which leads to even more serious back pain problems. That’s why in most cases doctors will suggest certain forms of light physical activity for dealing with back pain. Of course, not any physical activity applies and you won’t be allowed to lift weights if you suffer from back pains.

Usually therapists try to develop individual programs for physical activity according to the particular situation in every case. Each of us can experience back pains due to the weakening of a certain muscle or muscle group. By targeting this particular muscle and making it stronger it is easier to prevent and treat back pain problems. Exercises for doing so will usually include a lot of stretching, flexing and endurance training as opposed to weight lifting most people imagine when it comes to strength training. Of course, this is usually done in conjunction with taking drugs like Tramadol if the pain has already become a serious concern

Besides the individually tailored exercise programs you can be prescribed by your therapist, there is a selection of alternative exercise programs that target back muscles and help strengthening them. Here are some practices you might want to look into if you don’t want to take Tramadol on a regular basis for back pain in the future:

Tai Chi Chuan: This is a milder form of martial arts that focuses more on the condition of the body rather than real life combat situations. It allows learning about muscle relaxations, limb coordination and elimination of tension for a better awareness of own body.

Yoga: This well-known exercise practice from India has many styles that differ in content as well as the intensity of exercises. So it’s recommended to consult with your doctor regarding particular types of yoga for back pain. Nearly all types of yoga focus on the condition of the back, specifically the spinal chord, as it is believed to be the key to overall body health. By employing yoga you will be able to strengthen your back muscles, eliminate tension and improve body awareness, which can result even in chronic pain to be relieved effectively.

Chi Kung: Also referred to as Qigong, the traditional Chinese practice is primarily focused on breathing and posture exercises, which can provide good result in pain management.

Feldenkrais Method: This exercise program is aimed at increasing body movement awareness and eliminating muscle tension in everyday activities, which can cause serious painful conditions if left as is.

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