Baba Ramdev – Bahya Pranayama – Breathing Exercise For All Stomach Organs

Watch Baba Ramdev – Yoga Exercise – Bahya Pranayama – Yoga Health Fitness. Bahya Pranayama is miraculous breathing exercise for all stomach organs. Hernia, diabetes, uterus and prostate problems are affected. It helps to evolve Kundalini Power upward as well. Bahya Pranayama should be practiced initially 3-5 times per day and increased up to 21 times maximum. Benefits and Cures :- [1] Hernia is completely cured with regular practice. [2] All urinary and prostate problems are cured. [3] It is wonder remedy for gas, constipation and uterus problems if practiced with tribandha. [4] It is good for Diabetes as well. Precautions :- Heart, Blood Pressure and Cervical Colitis patients should avoid till they control the disease with practicing other Pranayamas. Click on to watch more Baba Ramdev Yoga videos and bring fitness and spirituality into your lives.

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