Ayurveda – Art of Being 1-7

As a child growing up in Indian countryside, I had an opportunity to live Ayurveda. My family, even today, continues to believe in Ayurveda like they have done for several generations. I already know about some of the significant differences between Ayurveda and the western approach to diagnosis and treatment. However, till today I remain totally impressed by logic of Ayurveda and charmed by the power and completeness of its comprehensive understanding of life. In last 3 years alone nearly 500 books about Ayurveda are being published in 60 different languages, in 50 countries. Coming two years will add about 500 more books, besides increase in Web sites, CD-ROMs and journals. The film travels nearly 15000 kilometres through landscapes of exceptional beauty and geographical variety in India, Greece and USA. For several months myself and my research team has constantly searched out people and places almost all over the world; to do total justice to this exceptional subject. To voice the story of Ayurveda through exceptional Vaidyas (Ayurvedic Doctors), patients and experts. Some of the Vaidyas have revealed their secrets and open their home and clinics to us. Plant searching tribes took us into dark corner of jungle where a rare endangered plant still grows wild. Ancient Palm-leaf manuscripts locked away for 3 to 5 centuries were in front of us. Ancient ‘Mud-Scanning’ method of Diagnosis has been considered extinct and lost but our months long efforts managed to track down

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