AthLEAN-X “300” Spartan Body Workout 1 workout, 300 reps, no rest….are you ready? Are you neXt? Step into the arena like the gladiators did a long time ago and put yourself to the test. Being a true warrior takes much more than a ripped, lean, athletic and functional body….it takes mental toughness and resilience. Enter the AthLEAN-X 300 Workout. As we do here at the “X” we mix up the exercises and give you all new ways to work your core muscles, your chest, arms, shoulders, back and legs….all at once. You won’t find the same tired exercises in this rendition of the popular 300 workout. Instead, as only top celebrity fitness trainer Jeff Cavaliere can, you’ll get a chance to put your athlean body to the test using exercises that will test even the fittest. From the cross elbow pushups (very much like an assisted one arm pushup) to the land mine gladiators (that work your shoulder, back and leg muscles) to the knee up pullups that fire up your core and lats…you’ll see that you need to be much more than just strong to do this. You need to be built AthLEAN tough! When you’re done trying this workout…if you feel like you could do better…like you need a bit more baseline strength and power, then head to http and get started on the 90 day AthLEAN-X Training Program right now. Be the next to join Team AthLEAN as you blow through your genetic potential and get yourself the body you deserve in the next 90 days.
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