Ashtanga Yoga Basics

Ashtanga Yoga Basics

Article by John Furnem

The word yoga originates from Sanskrit, which is an ancient language from India. It means union particularly of the body, spirit and mind. The yoga that we know today is what is termed as asana, which pertains to postures and poses.

Asana is just one of the eight types of yoga. It is more physical compared to the other types of yoga, which are more directed towards the development of mental and spiritual aspect of an individual. At present the word yoga is used synonymously with asana.

Basic Yoga PosesIf you want to try some basic yoga stances just to see whether you can do it or not, then the sun salutation is the way to go. It is easy to follow and very relaxing. Since this is your first time make sure that you focus on your breathing and then follow the following procedures one at a time carefully and slowly:

Breathe in again while looking up. Bend your left knee and put your left foot in front while lunging forward. By the way your right leg should be behind you and your knee should be resting on the floor. While breathing in, position yourself in a push-up pose keeping your head and your hips off the floor.Breathe out; bend your elbows and your chin with your chest and knees to the floor while at the same time keeping your butt and stomach off the floor. Inhale or breathe in and then slowly slide your chest forward while arching your back and slightly bending your elbows. This position is called the Cobra.Breathe out slowly as you fold your body forward and while at this position try to lift up your heels and try to form a V-shape using your body. Remember do not rush your body into doing this exercise. Take your time.While inhaling, lunge forward using your right foot. Your left foot should be at the back with knee on the floor and your head facing up.Release air slowly and then try to bring your left foot to meet the right foot. Stand up and bend forward. Try reaching your knee with your head.Inhale, stand and keep feet together. Lean back and then stretch your arms behind you. Slowly bring your arms at your sides. That concludes your basic yoga fitness stance.

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