Are You Under The Age Of 21? If You Aren’t Penile Exercise Equipment Won’t Work For You – Find Out Why

Are You Under The Age Of 21? If You Aren’t Penile Exercise Equipment Won’t Work For You – Find Out Why

Article by Joseph Mackie

There is a very dominating myth on the penis enlargement market that the best way to increase the size of your penis is with exercise equipment. Whether it is pumps or extenders or even weights the real success rates of these products are around a measly 6% and of that small percentage almost without fail the guys who are adding permanent size are under the age of 21. In this article I will reveal to you why that is and what you really need to do if you want to add size onto your penis…

Why is age so important? Age is important for the reason that within the bodies of guys who are under the age of 21 they still possess the real means of adding size onto your penis. The biochemicals and nutrients that made penile growth possible during puberty. The reason that these guys see results through using pumps and extenders is because these products increase the flow of blood into the penis and trap this blood there. This means that these elements are trapped within the cells of the penis where they cause chemical reactions forcing these cells to multiply and bond together. The only reason that the guys who are under the age of 21 see results with exercise equipment is because their bodies are prepared to make growth possible.

Want to prepare your body?The good news is that you don’t need a time machine if you want to increase the size of your penis. With natural enlargement you can revert your body back into the same state it was in during puberty and return the biochemicals and nutrients that make penile growth possible back into your system. Once they are back within your body you don’t need to use expensive exercise equipment to add size instead you can use only a light exercise regime with your hands to carry these elements into the penis. This is how natural growth is possible and the results are astounding safe and guaranteed.

What kind of results can natural enlargement deliver? Natural enlargement can add anywhere between 2 – 5 inches of length and 1 – 3 inches of girth onto the size of your penis. This amazing growth is only possible if you follow your own natural enlargement plan but if you do you are guaranteed to add amazing size within a few short months. It is time to get bigger.

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