Age, Metabolism and Weight Loss

Age, Metabolism and Weight Loss

Article by Mary Tanady

When we talk about metabolism, we refer to the way the body processes the food we eat and drink, and converts it to energy. The body needs energy for the simplest tasks as reading a book, or even sleeping. Energy is also consumed as our internal organs perform their functions., such as blood circulation and replenishing of dead cells. The basal metabolic rate is the amount of calories that are used to perform the body’s basic functions.

Your basal metabolic rate is different from another person’s because there are variable factors such as your body size, your age and your sex that can determine the number of calories needed by your body to perform tasks. Some people would complain that it is their slow metabolism that is preventing them from losing weight, often blaming it on their age. Although there is some truth to the claim that the rate by which we metabolize food (or our metabolic rate) has something to do with the speed we can lose weight, age is not the only factor that can determine our metabolic rate.

Age, by itself, does not really slow down metabolism, but it is the way we often conduct our lives as we age that can slow down the metabolic process. For instance, muscle tissue often degenerates as we mature, because it is no longer used the way it has been when we were younger.

With less and less use of muscle tissues, by the time most people hit middle age, as much as 15 to 25 pounds of muscle tissue will be lost. This is not really good news, because the muscles are the part of our body that uses up a lot of the energy that the body gets from the food we eat. With a less muscle toned body, metabolism will indeed slow down.

Keeping your metabolism at a higher rate will result to a speedier and more efficient processing of energy, which leads to losing weight. Muscles, however can not simply be toned by light exercises or by a low impact cardio routine. It has to be exposed to a range of movements that can push the muscles to grow.

Muscle training can result to a better fat burning capacity, which means more pounds lost. This puts down the argument then that metabolism can no longer be improved as we age. It can be increased through proper muscle development as well as by maintaining a nutritious and low calorie diet. This combination of calorie restriction and exercise can make it easier for you to lose unwanted pounds.

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