AGARTHA SACRED SITE in Matawini Quebec The Sacred Site of AGARTHA in Matawini have been discovered by Astraelia at the age of 7 after a powerful mystical experience occurred as a Great Blue Heron came levitate over him his wings spread opened in the center of the sun. It is a very ancient sacred site, whose discovery have been kept a secret for more than 50 years. This megalithic site goes back to the previous Age of Light on Earth, and is being reactivated to play it’s inspiring role in the birthing of the New Age of Light. This New Age of Light is expected to arise with the return of the Ancestors, those the indigenous peoples call the ”Star Nations” the great Armada of the Galactic Federation of Light actually around our Planet. The time has come for the discovery of the fundamentally spiritual nature and meaning of the presence of the Celestrial civilizations actually around Earth in the invisible spectrum. These spiritually advanced extraterrestrial civilizations of the Light, are sent here by Prime Creator, in a paramount mission of birthing the spiritual Ascension of humanity. They are both our archaic genetic ancestors who have seeded humanity on the sacred paradise of Gaia, and are also what we know to be the Gardian Angels sent here by Prime Creator to assist him in the full implementation of the Divine Plan of return to the spiritual dimensions, that has been prophesied by the Ancients for Earth Humanity. The Inner Earth Agartha Kingdom will play a key role in the Ascension
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