After Pregnancy Weight Loss…Ready, Set, Move!

After Pregnancy Weight Loss…Ready, Set, Move!

Article by Cynthia Shriver

If you are a woman that exercised throughout your pregnancy and experienced an uncomplicated vaginal delivery, generally it’s safe to begin exercising within just days of the delivery, or as soon as you feel up to it. However, if you are a woman that had a complicated birth or a C-section, you should talk with your health care provider concerning Often times, in the past, women were instructed by their physician to wait a minimum of six weeks after the delivery of their child to begin their exercise routine, the waiting game could now be over. when you can begin an exercise program.

Once your health care provider has given you the go-ahead, it’s time to get started on your after pregnancy weight loss:

• At anytime that you are participating in after pregnancy weight loss, it is very important that you are comfortable at all times. So if you are breast-feeding, make sure to feed your baby right before you begin exercising, and wear comfortable clothing and a supportive bra.

• Begin exercising slowly, since you are concentrating on after pregnancy weight loss, you should start-out with light aerobic activity, like swimming, walking, or stationary cycling. Be sure to avoid jarring, bouncy, jerky, or jumping motions.

• Space out your exercising sessions, throughout the day; you should exercise in short sessions. Then as your stamina begins to improve, you should gradually increase the intensity and length of your workouts.

• Include your little bundle of joy in your exercise routine; take your baby out for a nice walk in a baby carrier or stroller daily. If you would prefer to jog, use one of the jogging strollers that are specifically designed for infants. While you stretch, lay your baby right next to you on the floor. While you dancing to your favorite music, hold your baby in your arms.

• Specifically target your abs, as you may already know, losing abdominal fat requires aerobic exercise and dietary changes, bit abdominal crunches and several other ab exercises may help to tone your abdominal muscles.

• Always remember your Kegels, even though these exercises may not help you to lose weight, they will assist with toning the muscles in the pelvic floor. All you have to do is simply tighten up the pelvic muscles like you would do if you were stopping a stream of urine, try it for a period of five seconds at a time, and do it four or five consecutive times. As time passes, work yourself up to maintaining contracted muscles for a period of ten seconds at a time, relaxing them for a period of ten seconds between each contraction. Since Kegels can be used as part of your exercise routine, you should aim to complete at least three sets of ten repetitions each day. You may do the Kegels while you are lying down, sitting, or standing, or even while you are breast-feeding your baby.

After reading this, chances are as a new mother, you are speechless but in order for after pregnancy weight loss to be successful you have to remember that it isn’t going to happen over night, you aren’t going to go to bed and wake up ten pounds lighter, that just isn’t going to happen. At anytime that you are participating in after pregnancy weight loss exercise routines, you should remember to consume plenty of water before you begin exercising, during the time that you are exercising, and after you have completed your exercising.

At anytime that you begin to experience dizziness, pain, shortness of breath, blurred vision, or a sudden increase in vaginal bleeding, you should immediately stop exercising because each of these could be signs that you are overdoing it.

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