Aerobic Exercises to Lose Weight

Aerobic Exercises to Lose Weight

Article by Donna Snow

Weight loss can be explained very easily. If you burn more energy than you take into your body, there will be less energy balance. As a result you body will start burning up the stored energy and this causes weight loss. Many people opt for aerobics to lose weight. While it is true that you do lose weight doing aerobic exercise, the exercise by itself is not enough.

There is no doubt that you do burn calories when you do exercise but the amount of calories burned is very little. For example, when you jog for 30 minutes you burn around 200-300 calories which is equivalent to a large apple. A hamburger contains 500-600 calories and this means that you would have to jog much longer to burn calories from a hamburger.

This does not mean that aerobic exercise is not good for you. On the contrary. Research has shown that aerobics reduces the risk of heart disease, onset of diabetes and prevents other health problems. However, aerobic exercise by itself cannot help you lose weight. The reason behind this is the small amount of calories being burned for the time one spends doing aerobic exercise. If you do heavy aerobic exercise and reduce your calorie intake, you will lose muscle mass. This is because your body starts using proteins from the muscles to manufacture carbohydrate. This is not at all good. If you lose muscle mass, you lose the ability to burn calories and this results in lower metabolism and you gain weight very easily.

Therefore, aerobic exercise for weight loss is not feasible. You should aim to do light exercise to burn calories, eat a balanced diet, reduce your calories intake, increase your protein intake and do some weight training to build muscle mass. This is a permanent solution for sustained weight loss.

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