Advantages of a Workout Partner

Advantages of a Workout Partner

Article by Dan Gazaway

When I was growing up all I wanted to do was pitch at the Major League level. That is all I could think about; so I ate, drank and slept Baseball. My parents thought I was a little obsessed with the game so they would try to get me involved in other sports. Because I was so tall, they tried to get me to play basketball, so I did and it only lasted a season. Even the High School coaches and principal tried to get me to play Basketball but Baseball was always on my mind. I stuck with it and am grateful I did.

I have always been a Pitcher. In fact, in Little League that is what I did 80% of the time. The rest of the time I would play either center field or first base. I took pitching so seriously that it became a full time job; I didn’t mind a bit. I was unique in a way because I started studying pitching mechanics at the very early age of ten. I was simply intrigued to learn how to throw the baseball correctly.

During my Junior High School years I started to study Nolan Ryan’s ways of pitching and found out that I had better start working out like a pitcher. Nolan had talked about elastic cord workouts, light dumbbell workouts and many other callisthenic type workouts. As I incorporated all of these workouts my schedule became so overwhelming I felt I didn’t have time to do all of the workouts that were required.

I mention this because it is so vital that any pitcher have a regular workout routine that includes full body workouts, aerobic and anaerobic work, pitching specific workouts, sprinting and running and more. Pitchers are all around athletes and it takes some good time management skills to ensure that you get in all of the necessary workouts required to perform at peak performance. That is why you need a workout partner. You need to find someone that will push you and keep you on pace to reach all of your goals as a pitcher. You will also need to find someone that will throw with you regularly.

A training partner will keep you motivated to keep you going when times get tough. When you don’t want to wake up early one day, your partner will be there to make sure you do. Having a workout partner also keeps the competitive spirit alive within you. They also ensure that you are doing all of your exercises correctly. Make sure you pick the right partner that will motivate and inspire you to greatness out on the mound.

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Pitching mechanics play a big role in a pitcher’s success. Learning how to throw a Baseball properly will increase velocity.

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