ACCE – 2010 Best Start-up Award: Debbie Fung and Jason Lu

Debbie Fung and Jason Lu won the best start-up award for their business Yoga Tree Inc. Health and wellness has become the mantra for a Canadian couple whose mission is to improve the lives of others. Jason Lu and Debbie Fung have a love for the practice of Yoga. So much so, that they both decided to leave the corporate world behind them and branch out into their own business offering Yoga Classes of their own. They formed Yoga Tree in December of 2007 and have never looked back. Yoga Tree Studios are unique. Not only do they promote health and well being proactively through its’ yoga classes, they also offer specialty seminars and workshops for women and seniors and fitness classes for mommy and baby. Yoga Tree is truly a full service health and wellness business. In less than two years, the company has grown by leaps and bounds – serving more than four-thousand-five-hundred (4500) people and offering over seventy-five (75) yoga classes each week. Yoga Tree has also gained recognition within the Richmond Hill and Thornhill Communities by assisting in fundraising initiatives for those respective communities. Their popularity has grown so much that founder Jason Lu was approached by an athletic-wear company, Lululemon Athletica to act as their spokesperson for their very popular brand. Jason and Debbie’s unique personal approach to business has touched the lives of many, and as the demand for their Yoga and Wellness classes grow, they are living proof that sometimes all it

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