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ABC TV Catalyst – Exercise Is Medicine shown 31st May 2012 NARRATION Wayne is in his final weeks of chemotherapy for bowel cancer. Clinical Prof David Goldstein Chemotherapy as we use it today, is really drugs given to the highest doses that, from experience and testing, people can tolerate. NARRATION To combat the severe side-effects of treatment, Wayne takes a range of other medications. But they have limited effect. Wayne Bell After starting the chemotherapy, all my energy had gone. I was, I’d get out of bed and lie on the couch and watch movies and read, and really had no energy. And this went on for weeks. NARRATION But Wayne’s oncologist has prescribed another treatment, fast gaining recognition among cancer specialists. It can fight Wayne’s fatigue and nausea, lower his risk of developing secondary diseases, and dramatically cuts the chance of the tumour returning. Wayne Bell I feel now much better than I did on the earlier part of the chemotherapy. I really feel that I’m dealing with it much better. Anja Taylor It can treat the top ten chronic diseases in Australia. Yet the extraordinary thing is,less than two per cent of GPs currently prescribe it. You might be thinking it’s some new miracle drug, but it’s not. NARRATION It’s exercise. We all know exercise is good for us. It makes us feel better, look better, and function better. Anja Taylor It took all my energy to get up at six o’clock this morning and go training. And let’s face it, most of us only do it when

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