A Stationary Bikes Exercise For Every Cyclist

A Stationary Bikes Exercise For Every Cyclist

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After clocking all that distance on your exercise bike’s odometer, you come to the realization that it’s time to add variety and excitement to your routine. Once it loses its fun and challenge, it becomes a chore.

There are a few types of stationary bike exercises to suit each cyclist’s needs. For instance, a cardio routine can be customized for a beginner with a lighter workout as compared to an advanced cyclist who wants a bite to his or her routine. Adjust the workout to your fitness level. If you’re not sure where you’re at, consult your doctor or a fitness instructor as they’ll be able to advise routines suitable to your fitness level.

A light cardio workout basically constitutes some warm-up set to a low resistance. It would be ideal if you can spend a minutes doing some leg stretches to avoid cramps. After a few minutes, increase the resistance to break out some sweat. As long as you can comfortably carry on a conversation, that’s a good sign to a healthy heart pumping blood all over the body. Before you get totally winded, return to the initial setting and start the process of cooling down. If you are able to maintain this routine without any problems, continue until it’s time to move to the next level. Any problems arising, it’s recommended to inform your doctor or fitness instructor for advice.

To add challenge to your stationary bike exercise, go for interval training, or sometimes called circuit training. These forms of training constitute a combination of easy and intense sessions. Although simple in nature, the level of resistance associated to achieve the varying levels of difficulty cause your body to work harder. Lower-end bikes tend to require manual intervention in that you have to adjust resistance settings yourself as you pedal. More sophisticated bikes have pre-defined settings which you select prior to workout commencement. This takes a load of your mind to fiddle around with buttons and gauges mid routine.

To simulate rides in the real world, some stand up and lean forward thus resulting in a harder cardio workout. Since the spinning bike seat is considered one of the most uncomfortable, standing is therefore not by choice when on this bike.

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