A Life Of Weight Loss Plan, Diets, Weight Loss And Weight Gain

A Life Of Weight Loss Plan, Diets, Weight Loss And Weight Gain

Article by Mark Inglis

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It doesn’t matter how hard I try to lose weight I always end up putting back on more than I originally lost. I have been on a multitude of weight loss diets or weight loss plans with the usual outcome 3 weeks into it of becoming bored, not seeing instant results and eventually failing at another attempt. If this sounds familiar it is because like me you have been living with an addiction to eating. Unlike an alcoholic or heroin addict and I don’t make the link lightly, us over eaters have to have a little of what we are addicted to everyday to survive. Smokers can stub out and distance themselves from the situation, not over eaters, they have to eat to stay alive; they must view TV adverts promoting food, walk through shops packed with cheap readily available fast food. My over eating comes and goes, some days I visit the gym and feel I could beat it, other days are spent eating unhealthy foods. I am obese as a result of my eating and I eat to make myself feel better about being obese – the vicious circle of an obese over eater. Although it does sicken me to think that other people can eat what they like without ever putting weight on, it appears now that this is largely due to genetic makeup as well as poor lifestyle. I am currently on my latest weight loss plan, diet, call it what you like and I am as determined as ever to succeed. Where I used to sit in most nights I now visit the gym 3-4 times per week. As a result my blood pressure is 151/65 which although the first figure is still high this is mostly down to my +300lb frame. So here is what I plan on doing to try to lose some of the excess fat in the next 6 months. It’s not rocket science and is really quite simple. My weight loss plan is this and can be followed by anyone.

1) Increase activity levels so my heart rate is between 120 -170 beats per minute 5 times a week for at least 20 minutes;

2) Reduce my saturated fat intake and my calorie intake by 300 calories;

3) Start appreciating every moment of every day by smiling.

In order for any weight loss plan to succeed it is crucial that you increase the amount of exercise you do. Visit your doctor for a check up to ensure it is ok for you to increase the amount of exercise you do and work out a weight loss plan. Start with 20 minutes of very light exercise that increases your heart rate to 120 – 140 beats. This could be a brisk walk or a swim, the latter being my favorite. Try to ensure that you put this at the top of your to do list, difficult I know if your life involves work and kids. In order for us to achieve our weight loss goals it is crucial you get exercise near the top of your priorities. My darling wife and I have never quite seen eye to eye on this, house cleaning or the gym? Once you have completed a month of light exercise, increase the rigor of the exercise to ensure that your heart rate increases to 150 beats a minute for 20 minutes five times a week. To ensure a healthy lifestyle the amount of saturated fat you consume must not exceed 10% of your total daily calorie intake. Reducing the amount of saturated fat you consume to recommended levels will lower your risk of coronary and other related diseases. The fact is that unless you have an underlying medical condition if you consume more calories than you burn over prolonged periods, you will start to store fat. Conversely, if you burn more calories than you consume for long periods any stored fat will be used and you will eventually reach your desired weight. The equation is simple: <required daily calorie intake + exercise + time + patience = normal weight. So with this in mind, start your weight loss plan, diet or whatever you want to call it with your eyes wide open. It will take time, exercise will speed up any weight loss and eating less than your daily intake over prolonged periods (months or even years) will lead to you achieving your weight loss goal. Join me and we can do it together.

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