A gentle standing sequence to develop fluidity in support and movement

A demonstration the gentlest form of my standing yoga sequence… this is playing at double speed, when it was normal speed it looks like it is in slow motion The second time round I have added a couple of slightly more difficult postures if you would like to try•• a more intermediate version – the point ISN’T to do the postures, IT IS to do with the fluidity and central support that arises when you apply ‘the conditions’. My standing sequences are designed to bring the use of the limbs into the core of the body, in order to liberate the spine and breath and develop fluidity in movement and support. I have also found that this particular version is also useful for opening the thoracic curve… behind the heart up to the base of the neck… but you must exhale from the centre (not just the chest) if you are to let the spine free itself up in the ribcage. If you are already open in that area, in every posture, simply enjoy the release that travels through the spine whenever you let the breath go and land on your feet/foot. Please note: **I am offering this for demonstration purposes only, If you wish to try any of my sequences out, you must take full responsibility for your own body if I am not there to guide you in the principles behind the practice. If you are a teacher and you find benefit from any of my sequences, I would of course like to work with you directly so we can explore some of the more important details and principles before elements are incorporated in your

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