7 Yoga Sites You Must Miss for Information and Instruction

7 Yoga Sites You Must Miss for Information and Instruction

Article by Gina Macaluso

Living a balance and heatlhy life starts in the mind. And the key to achieving this is to balance our inner self in order to face any challenges. Many yoginis or yoga enthusiasts completely understand this need. By performing yoga and making use of mantras along with poses, we silence the brain and allow for our usual stream of healing power to complete it’s work!

Achieving momentum and getting on the right track would take a huge bunch of effort and findind out where to start is even more dreadful! If you’re looking for help, the internet is one perfect place to find information worth visiting for.

Don’t worry. We will help you with finding the 7 top yoga websites that you will absolutely love. Get video clips, lessons and yoga illustrations both for starters and pros and even get into community support group coming from – all coming from websites that believe in love, loyalty as well as spread of happiness!

Remember to comment and let us understand which you prefer best. Do you think we missed one?

CorePower Yoga

CorePower offers a truly unique practice based on intuition rather than tradition. This website helps in the restoration of your body to achieve optimum health and find a sense of wellbeing and worth. Dynamically designed and challenging yoga courses combining power, flow and religion is in store for them.


YogaGlo is the new online yoga experience in HD video that provides the experience of being in the class at your home. Religion, race, culture, human condition and political views is never a problem with YogaGlo. Empowering people all around the world to get involve in yoga is the primary goal of YogaGlo.

SacYoga.yoga retreats and trainings, special discounts and various classes. Discover various events and information on yoga classes and studios in Sacramento.

Yoga Journal

For more than 30 years, one magazine has reported on the expansion and revolution of the yoga movement. Yoga Journal has served yoga teachers and the fast growing yoga community in the past. Like the community, they’ve evolved over the years, and now are proud to present yogajournal.com-an interactive, insightful community for the yoga enthusiasts.

My Yoga Online

ABC of Yoga gives you all imaginable information about the different Styles of Yoga: Bikram Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Kundalini Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, Nude Yoga, and much more. They give you comprehensive descriptions of the Asanas and extra Yoga Trainings. Additionally, they cover Wellness and Yoga, Yoga Diet programs, Yoga Health Benefits, the good influences of Yoga on our body’s systems, and even Meditation & Yoga. With adequate information and training, you’ll be able to experience what Yoga has to offer.


Founded in Vancouver BC, by renowned yoga and wellness experts Michelle Trantina and Kreg Weiss, and business entrepreneur Jason Jacobson, MyYogaOnline have always believed in whole health, and the power of yoga, health and wellness. By 2005, they created My Yoga Online so that they can reveal this passion in the world. They aim to convery the many health benefits of yoga, Pilates and meditation for people all across the globe.

Yoga Basics

Yogabasics.com sincerest longing and wish is to build the world a better place with the highest goal to get rid of the torment, misery and grief of the people of the world, and to remove the causes of this distress. They are all set to operate, in their utmost ability, to spread the knowledge and intellect of the traditional course of yoga to all or any who wish these tools. They pray that their work assists other people to understand, produce and develop morally, physically and mentally.

Now then, that is our list. What is your favorite site? Do you have one you like that’s not on this list?

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