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So! Put your hand up if you are currently pregnant or are planning on becoming pregnant and you are PETRIFIED about weight gain???

WOW! That’s a lot of hands! Me too! There is nothing worse than going through something as beautiful as carrying a baby and yet you feel fat, unattractive and uncomfortable.

I think we all worry about how much weight we are gaining and how much is a healthy weight gain.


1. Firstly, don’t eat for two! That is just a myth! Eat normal sized portions of food and make sure it is healthy food. But, there is nothing wrong with special treats either! (Especially for all those chocolate lovers!) Just ease off the McDonalds meals!!

2. A very important tip for looking GORGEOUS AND PREGNANT! Wear clothes that make you feel sexy and beautiful. Treat yourself to one special outfit that you can wear out and know you are going to look gorgeous and fabulous in!

3. EXERCISE is sometimes hard to contemplate when pregnant… But usually after the first trimester you should be feeling up to it.I found swimming and yoga fantastic! No stress on your body. You can take your time in the pool and just focus on stroke technique rather than speed. It keeps you toned and gorgeous! Not to mention helps you cope better with the labour.

4. To help prevent those ugly STRETCH MARKS I always use a pregnancy cream or just plain sorbolene on my body as soon as I know I am pregnant. Rub the cream into the areas on your body that endure the most stress – your breasts, tummy and thighs. Apply it morning and night. I have had four kids and I have NO stretch marks!

5. All my girlfriends complain of SAGGY BREASTS after pregnancy and breast feeding. Here’s a secret… mine aren’t and I think it is due to the cream I applied to help my skin stretch… and as soon as my breasts start to enlarge at the beginning of the pregnancy, I start wearing a bra night and day!

I know it sounds uncomfortable, but I found a great maternity crop top that was just like a leotard bra to wear to bed. The secret is to keep your breasts supported constantly when pregnant and feeding to prevent sagging and STAY GORGEOUS! (It also keeps your husband at a distance!)

6. Now in your last trimester it will be uncomfortable to sleep, so invest in a body pillow to put between your legs and cuddle. You’ll sleep like a baby and wake up looking GORGEOUS and refreshed!

7. Treat yourself to a facial or pedicure when you are pregnant. Your skin is at its best when you are pregnant, so make the most of it and your feet are carrying a lot of extra weight – pedicures feel fantastic at the end of the pregnancy!

So after having carried four children myself I still get compliments on how FABULOUS I look now. For each pregnancy I only gained 19 – 20 pounds or 9kg. And you can do it too!

I found a fantastic ebook that helped me STAY GORGEOUS AND PREGNANT, it is called “Pregnancy Without Pounds”. It even includes 4 FREE BONUSES!

* An exercise manual with over 50 exercise for pregnancy

* An exercise journal for your own personal results

* A weight gain chart

* And exclusive members forum, so you can chat to other women going through exactly what you are at the same time!

Click here to check it out:http://hotmumma.pregnopnds.hop.clickbank.net/?tid=MUMMA4

I hope you enjoy your pregnancy. It is such a special time!

Glow, Radiate, Be Gorgeous and Pregnant!

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I am an energetic Mum with lots of ideas to share! Hope you enjoyed the article. Now don’t you think it’s time you looked fabulous and pregnant? Who said we have to look frumpy and daggy? Check out the link below:http://hotmumma.pregnopnds.hop.clickbank.net/?tid=MUMMA4

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