6 Tips to Get Yourself Moving

6 Tips to Get Yourself Moving

Article by Tricia Adams

I’ve always been sort of a sporadic exerciser.  I’ve also always sort of been a little chubby.  I have a feeling the two are related!  

I’m not big on New Year’s Resolutions, but I made a couple this year.  First, I want to run 10k and a half marathon.  Second, I want to lose 50 pounds.  I could lose more than that, but I want to see how I feel 50 pounds lighter and go from there.  Plus, there’s something about going over 50 that somehow makes it feel less attainable, so 50 it is!

Right now I’m in week 4 of 10k training and I’ll be honest, it’s a challenge.  I don’t dread going to the basement to get on the treadmill, in fact, I like it once I get started.  It’s more an internal battle of “If I go spend 45 minutes on the treadmill I can’t wash the dishes, or fold the laundry or check my e-mail or write one more blog post.”  The list goes on and on.

I think most of us have no problem getting sweaty and exercising, it’s that we fail to carve out a time in our day to actually do it.  But we have to.  Our bodies were designed to move and we’re healthier and happier when we fit exercise into our daily lives.

Now, I’m no expert.  I’m not a fitness guru.  I moan and groan before every workout.  I run slower than most people walk.  I ate a cookie for breakfast this morning!  I really did.  But I do know what it’s like to have that light bulb flicker on when you realize you have to change something, or else.

So as someone who is in the thick of transforming into a fit and healthy person, here’s my advice:

Stop making excuses.  There are a thousands reasons why you can’t exercise today.  Throw them away.Set an exercise goal.  Don’t worry about weight, that’s not what this is about.  To start, maybe shoot for 30 minutes 3 days a week for a month.Reward yourself.  Decide now your reward for completing that first goal.  It should be something you actually want to work for.  I find that promising myself an uninterrupted hour with a magazine is a huge motivator!Schedule your workouts.  This, for me, is the most critical piece.  I know how long I want to work out and on what days, so I look at my calendar and fit it right in.  I put them in for one month at a time and then I know, that time is taken. I’m busy for that 30 minutes.  I’m not putting anything else in that time slot.  You have to be firm about it!  Do something you enjoy.  If you hate to run, don’t do it.  If you hate workout videos, don’t do them.  If you can’t stand the idea of a gym, don’t join one.  If you hate the exercise, chances are you’re not going to stay dedicated to working out.  So, find something you like doing.  If you just hate exercising in general, find something you can tolerate!  As much as I’ve come to like running, I don’t like doing it everyday.  So I mix it up with weight training, yoga, pilates and Just Dance on the Wii.  Maybe I’ll write a whole post on how much I love that game!Don’t beat yourself up.  Oh gosh, I could tell you stories about how I’d start a workout routine only to miss a day and decide I’d fouled the whole thing up so I’d just abandon it completely.  I didn’t know how to cute myself any slack.  It was all or nothing.  But, we’re humans dangit!  We don’t do everything perfectly.  If you miss a day, or two or twelve – it’s ok.  Just start back up again.So, get moving!  Your body will thank you.

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Tricia Adams is a pleasantly plump and wickedly funny blogger, freelance writer and cake lover. She lives in Indiana with her boyfriend, dog and five cats. She’s constantly covered in fur. You can also find her at http://www.knackicity.com/

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