6 Simple and Real Weight Loss Tips

6 Simple and Real Weight Loss Tips

Article by Caizechong

There are people who need to eat more to lose weight while others who are having the exercise regimen need to eat less but with higher intensity. So, here are 6 simple and real tips to you weight loss program.

When embarking on a new fitness program, many people go at it whenever the time permits. This is a sure-fire way to slip out of the habit. It becomes too easy to let other things in your life become the priority. Try to schedule your exercise routine the same time each week. For example scheduling your weekly walk Monday – Thursday at 5:30pm helps you to create a habit which will get easier and easier to stick with. Keep your appointment with yourself just like you would a doctor’s appointment. It is just as important!

Do warm ups before you work out – before working out, make sure to do solid warm ups like stretching and light cardio routines to increase your body heat thus making you more agile to exercise.

In addition to a green tea extract, you are going to need to take a multivitamin supplement. This is especially important during dieting when food intake is lessened. Make sure to choose a supplement that is going to have all the vitamins and minerals you need plus green tea extract.

Opt for fiber–Eating vegetables can be useful in weight loss due to its fiber content and fewer calories. Fiber helps you feel fuller. Form an exercise routine yourself, or enroll for a gym membership. In an exercise program, make sure there is 7-10 minutes of warm up, 20-30 minutes of cardio, 20-30 minutes of weight training and 5-10 minutes of stretching exercises. Warm up is necessary, so don’t skip it. Warm up will help to circulate the blood throughout the body, and thus prepare your body for cardio and prevent any injuries. Then follow a cardio session of running, jumping with skip rope or any other cardio workout. Cardio will help to lose weight all over the body. The follow some weight training exercises to tone your body, and lose weight from areas which you find difficult to lose weight at. Finally end your workout with some stretching exercises.

Drink water as often as possible, as it will help you to stay hydrated and will also help ensure that you don’t feel ravenously hungry and end up overeating.

Regular exercising is a must for shedding extra pounds. If you are interested in easy exercises to lose weight fast, then you must opt for mild to moderate aerobic exercises. It can be running, walking, swimming or any such exercises that you feel comfortable. You should do them 3-5 times in a day according to physical capacity of your body. Just because you want some easy ways to lose weight, do not overdo exercises as it is bad for your health.

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