5 Ways Yoga Deep Breathing Can Make You Healthier

5 Ways Yoga Deep Breathing Can Make You Healthier

Article by Jay Franco

The way you breathe might be impacting your health in a negative way. Did you know that many chronic illnesses that people suffer from could be eliminated just by simple breathing exercises? It’s true. Yoga breathing exercises that emphasize deep breathing have been proven to have significant health benefits. Here are 5 of the top health benefits that come from breathing more deeply:

1. Deep breathing can get rid of toxins in the body – When your breathing is shallow and rapid then your body doesn’t have a chance to get rid of the carbon dioxide that your body produces. Too much carbon dioxide can make you feel light-headed or sleepy and can make it difficult to think clearly. Deep breathing on a regular basis will help clear out all that carbon dioxide and other toxins which will make your body healthier and make you feel better.

2. Deep breathing will help you relax – If you’re feeling very stressed out or frazzled deep breathing can help you feel calm and serene because it will increase the amount of blood that is flowing to your brain. When your brain is getting more oxygen it will produce endorphins which will give you a calm, peaceful feeling.

3. Deep breathing will make you more alert – Most people lead very sedentary lives and work long hours sitting down. When you’re not breathing properly and you’re sitting in the same position for a long period of time your circulation can become clogged and blood can pool in various parts of body instead of flowing throughout your body. Deep breathing will help boost your blood circulation and make you more awake and alert as more blood and oxygen flow to your brain.

4. Deep breathing kick starts your lymphatic system – Your lymphatic system is the body’s way to clean out all the waste and toxins from the cells in the body. When your body isn’t getting enough oxygen to function properly the lymphatic system doesn’t properly process the waste from your cells and get rid of them. Yoga breathing exercises and deep breathing will help regulate your lymphatic system.

5. Deep breathing can kick start weight loss – Deep breathing has been proven to raise metabolism, which can lead to weight loss. Deep breathing is also an aerobic activity that helps your body burn calories for energy. Deep breathing isn’t going to replace regular exercise for weight loss but if you’re at work or in a situation where you can’t exercise you can keep your metabolism high by using some deep breathing exercises and that will help you lose weight.

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Jay Franco has been a Yoga enthusiast since an early age. He is constantly trying to find practical ways of implementing this ancient knowledge into his Western lifestyle.His website is: http://www.yogascienceofbreath.com

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