5 Ways to Make Weight Loss Exercise Fun and Enjoyable

5 Ways to Make Weight Loss Exercise Fun and Enjoyable

Article by Helen Brathwaite

Let’s face it – exercising for weight loss is not only time consuming but can be extremely boring at times. With your busy schedule, when it comes time to do your exercises sometimes you just cant’ face it. You do it because it helps you maintain and tone your body or for quick weight loss but it can still be tiresome. What you need is some fun and exciting exercises or “play time” you can do to that not only energize you but can be a lot of fun too.

Everyone has busy schedules these days and sometimes it hard to pack everything into one day, so doesn’t it make sense to do your exercise combined with enjoyment? You won’t get tired of doing them and they will keep your body finely toned and help maintain your weight. Maintaining your weight is not easy but there’s no reason exercise has to be boring. Here’ are 5 ways to make exercise and diet fun.

Leap frog – believe it or not leap frog is one of the few fun exercises that uses your entire body. It keeps your body toned because you use all your muscles with leap frog. When it time to do your exercises think about taking the kids, hubby/wife or friends out on the back lawn and play leap frog. Notice how your use all your muscles while “leaping” over the frog. It’s similar to squat thrusts the military has their soldiers do and you know they are in shape.

Group of girls dancing to the latest tunes – turn the music up and dance around your living or family room. You not only get a quick weight loss with dancing but you can also learn the latest dance steps. If you don’t have a group that want to dance around then just do it by yourself. Dancing kicks your metabolism into high gear so you burn calories fast.

Hula Hoops – are not only fun but they will tone your body fast. You use all your muscles while you “hula” and it’s a lot of fun to work out with the kids or your friends. You can also turn it into a competition between your exercise buddies of who’s the best hula hooper. It keeps your body toned and burns calories because it uses your entire body.

Swimming with the kids – everyone know swimming is the best way to maintain your weight and keep the body finely toned. It only takes 20 minutes a day and most cities have a public swimming pool. Take your exercise buddies or the kids and get a good swim in every other day to keep your weight under control.

Watching an action packed movie – don’t just watch an action movie; join in the fun of “doing”. Doing what they do in movies such as a shoot out, chase scene, or running up the stairs will keep you fit. Join in the fun of the spirit while running around your house chasing your kids or partner. Another way, if you don’t watch action movies is to exercise while watching TV. Every time there’s a commercial on do a quick weight loss routine such as sit-ups, squat thrusts, or pushups. Your body will love you.

Weight loss doesn’t need to be boring or a routine of exercises. So many people give up after a while because they just can’t face another exercise but when you do “play time” exercises you still use your body and force your metabolism to work.

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