5 Tips For Muscle Gain

5 Tips For Muscle Gain

Article by Julian Roberts

Have you been going to the gymnasium but not getting the results that you like. Trust me I’ve been here myself and know how testing and frustrating it can be to get a hold of the results that you observe everywhere around you.

2 years ago I was in a terrible car accident that just about ruined my Martial Arts career, subsequent to many months of rehab on my back i was able to start training again and had to loose quite a few pounds that i had put on while I wasn’t able to train.

I read all the men’s fitness magazines and found simply that they do not work for the majority of people until i found a straight forward plan that helped me shred the fat and build nice lean muscle.

So here are my 5 Tips intended for putting together a course that will help you build a Lean Muscular Ripped Body in no time flat.

TIP 1. Training Intensity – If your taking slightly longer then an hour at the gymnasium then your not training hard enough. Make sure that your time at the gym does not turn into merely a social event. Set your routine in support of the day and push it out for a max of 45 minutes slightly longer and your not serious about your goals.

Keeping up this intensity will keep your blood flowing and your heart pumping which will as well help burn fat.If you have acquaintances present put on some headphones and stick to your plan and don’t pause to gossip until you have finished your plan.

TIP 2. Make use of Proper Technique/Form – Make sure on each technique that you are using proper form there is no purpose in doing 15 Reps of something if you can only perform 8 of them correctly. Resolve to do them correctly every time and you will see much better results quicker.

TIP 3. Rotate Your Training – For greatest results my plan consists of rotating days between Weights and Cardio. On Mon,Wed and Fri i do weights, On Tue, Thur and Sat I do Cardio and I take Sunday’s off and either just relax or go for a bike ride otherwise walk the dog. If your short on time for your cardio days i have a 4 minute program that will kick your butt and shred the additional fat of you exposing that nice new lean muscle.

TIP 4. Don’t Over train – For greatest results your body needs time to recover between training sessions so never train the same muscle group on consecutive days. You must give your muscles time to heal and grow otherwise you will over train and injure them setting you back weeks even months while they heal.I additionally recommend taking a week off every 8 to 12 weeks to allot time for your body a break.When you come back you will feel much better and acquire quicker results. During this interval just perform various basic exercises at home pushups, sit ups, star jumps but make it a very light workout.

TIP 5. You Are What You Eat – Cut out the Fast Food, Soda’s and chocolate. If you are serious and would like huge results you need to watch what you deposit into your body. Focus on consuming lean meats such as skinless chicken, fish and you can even go off to your butcher and get lean steak if you cant live without steak.

Try to consume as much Fruit and vegetables as you can as this will give you tons of energy to get you through your workouts. These types of food will give you the protein you need to help your body recover and build the lean muscle your after.

You can additionally go to your neighborhood sports store and get some Protein powder with Whey Creatine Isolate which will drastically help muscle recovery and growth.

So there’s my 5 tips for building additional Lean Ripped Muscular Body Now what you need is a simple plan to get you started that you can draw on with the above tips

Here is my clear-cut weightlifting plan that needs to be pushed out in less then 45 minutes ive incorporated a couple of distinctive exercises for each muscle group just pick 1 for each muscle group on 1 day and the next session you train perform the other exercise this is called muscle confusion and will help with quicker gains as the body will not adapt and plateau.

The plan Consists of Legs – Squats, DeadliftsBack – Chin Ups, Back Flys, DeadliftBiceps – Pull Ups, Dumbell CurlsChest – Benchpress, Flys, Wide PushupsTriceps – Dumbell Kickbacks, Dips, Diamond Pushups

At the end of this I throw in as many sets of 10 Burpees as you can do, Burpees are one of the preeminent full body workouts you can do.

On Cardio days i recommend going to your local park and doing laps followed by 100 meter sprints 6 – 8 times. At the finish of each sprint walk back and start again straight away don’t let your body cool down keep the blood flowing and your heart rate up.

Now if your short on time my favorite exercise in support of shredding the fat fast is TABATA, it’s a 4 minute workout from hell. So here is what you do…

20 Sec’s Flat out Intensity followed by 10 Sec’s Rest / Breathing

Doesn’t sound like much but trust me give it a go, it will shred the fat like you wouldn’t believe. As a Martial Artist i want explosiveness so i picked 4 plyometic exercises that would help here they are.

Star Jumps, Running on the spot while punching, Mountain Climbers and Knee Tucks / Jumps

There are heaps of timers out there for TABATA one is called the GymbossIf you want to understand more about getting a Ripped Lean Muscular Body then Click Here

About the Author

Julian Roberts is a Martial Arts Instructor holding a 2nd Dan in Hapkido and has extensive trainig in Zendokai Karte and Golden Lion Kung fu, he is also a personal trainer. To find out more about building a muscular body Click Here

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