5 Tips for Choosing Women’s Activewear for Your Workout

5 Tips for Choosing Women’s Activewear for Your Workout

Article by Ryan Lamothe

Today’s gyms are social spaces that offer a lot more than a couple of treadmills and a few free weights. Like anywhere else you go, it’s nice to look your best when you go to the gym. Today’s yoga clothes and women’s activewear allow you to do just that. Whether you are in the market for yoga pants, tank tops, T-shirts, shorts, or hoodies women shopping for activewear have all kinds of choices. Considering all the choices we now have, here are some helpful tips for choosing the right yoga clothes and women’s activewear for your workout.1. Look for comfort – whether you’re participating in yoga or any other activity the key is comfort. You want women’s activewear that moves with you, doesn’t bunch up, and breathes. You want the pants to be the right length, and you want tops to fit properly through the arms and bust.2. Choose a material – there are all kinds of synthetic blends on the market, each touting their own list of benefits. There are many fabrics that wick away moisture and plenty of natural fibers that you can choose from. Bamboo has become especially popular.3. Choose a style – every woman has her own style and you can find activewear to match. If you love soft colors and flattering silhouettes it’s not hard to find activewear that provides you with a touch of femininity. Maybe you like a pant cut that is good for an hour in the exercise room as well as a day of shopping – you can find that too. Perhaps you like a T-shirt over a tank. Whatever your tastes, there are hundreds of different styles to choose so that you can look your best4. Dress with confidence – if you look and feel good you are much more likely to have a successful workout and accomplish more of your goals. It’s the same principle that applies to your day-to-day life. What you wear is important, so choose yoga clothing or activewear that makes you feel fabulous. For example, let’s say you’ve started going to the gym because you want to tighten up that tummy. You’ll be happy to learn you can find a slimming women’s activewear pant that’ll make you look great – no need to feel self-conscious at all!5. Price point – you’ll have to set your budget, because like everything else there’s cheap, affordable, and expensive options. Quality and brand often affect price point the most. For example you can find yoga pants ranging from to 0. You’ll want to compare to see what the differences are.Gone are the days of boring activewear, and poorly fitting fitness clothing that make everyone look like they are wearing sacks. Today’s activewear for offers women form, fit, and style at prices that can fit any budget. Now you can look great during your workout and even take that look to the streets if you so desire.

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Splits 59 is more than a women’s activewear company started by triathletes; it’s an attitude. It’s a flat out refusal to settle for good enough and a burning desire to push harder, go further and be stronger.This attitude is reflected in our entire collection, which lives at the intersection of fitness and fashion.

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