5 Smart Lifestyle Tips For 6 Pack Abs

5 Smart Lifestyle Tips For 6 Pack Abs

Article by Garin Kilpatrick

By applying a few simple strategies to your current workout regiment you can seriously step up your results and start to get a 6 pack.

The following five tips will help you triple or the effectiveness of your workout, if you apply them aggressively.1. Establish a strong workout routine

Figure out the three to five days a week that work the best for you to workout, and then try hard to establish a workout routine. Write these days on your calendar and make your workout a priority.

With a strong workout routine your results will begin to compound over time, and all aspects of your life will benefit from your fitness.2. Integrate light exercise into your life every single day

Even on days that are not “workout days.” Try going for a walk after dinner to help your body digest your food.3. Tackle chores that burn calories

Cut the grass, or start a garden in the summer, and shovel snow in the winter. There are many tasks in your life that you can tackle that will benefit you in terms of fitness and the results you achieve.4. Hire a personal trainer

When you are shelling out cold hard cash for training, and missing a workout means losing money, there is a very good chance that you won’t pass on your workout.

If you can’t afford a personal trainer yet simply turn to the internet for the fitness advice you are seeking. There are many personal trainers online who will share information for free. Follow my Twitter account @TrainingTactics for regular tips that will maximize your training results.5. Workout with a friend

When you have a friend that you workout with on a regular basis you will feel compelled to workout because you will know that your friend will be counting on you to be there.

Working out with a friend also helps you push your limit with exercises like the bench press, where a spotter can make a huge difference for pushing the last few reps, which are where you can get the greatest gains.

Apply these tips to your workout routine, and you will be amazed at the results you can achieve!

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