5 Frequently Asked Questions on Pilates DVDs

5 Frequently Asked Questions on Pilates DVDs

Article by Julie Nelson

This article answers questions pertaining to Pilates and Pilates DVDs.1. What is Pilates? The name Pilates was derived from its founder. Pilates is physical workout system developed by Joseph Pilates that strengthens the muscles, improves the balance and the alignment of the spine and fortifies the mind by practicing concentration. This was developed with the aim of helping in the rehabilitation process of the war veterans who were returning to Germany at that time. 2. How is Pilates done?Pilates can be done in the gym, just like the regular fitness exercise; or can be done at home using instructional Pilates DVDs.3. Where can I buy Pilates DVDs?There is a wide variety of Pilates DVDs in different video shops. However, choosing the right ones may be challenging. You could also buy online especially at amazon.com that sells the 20 top-most Pilates DVDs.4. How do I buy Pilates DVDs?There are 7 factors you need to consider when buying Pilates DVDs. First, you have to consider the speed or the pace of the workout. To achieve the optimum benefits of Pilates, you have to have proper breathing and body coordination; thus fast-phasing routines are discouraged. Second, the difficulty of the routines. Pilates workouts are not always easy to perform that is why beginners are encouraged to try on the simplest exercise for the first 4 weeks so it becomes sustainable. Pilates veterans however, may continue with the hard routines. Third is the clarity of instructions given. This specifically pertains to how and when the right breathing cycle begins and ends. The breathing cuing is very important in maximizing the benefits of Pilates. Fourth, the safety guidelines in doing Pilates exercise. Fifth, the goal of the exercise. Sixth, the benefit a person may get from any particular Pilates workout. Seventh, the focus or the groups of muscles targeted in the exercise.5. What are the most recommended Pilates DVDs?There are a lot but the most popular ones are the Pilates for Weight Loss; Pilates for Beginners; 10-Minute Pilates with Rapid Result; Crunch for Slimming Down; and Pilates Abs Workout. Pilates is a very good physical exercise that can benefit any person, especially when done well. To maximize its benefits, individuals who are new or who are planning to learn Pilates may consider consulting experts for tips and guidance.

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