5 Easy Tips To Achieve Fast Weight Loss

5 Easy Tips To Achieve Fast Weight Loss

Article by Jonathan Muller

Even though the title says “fast weight loss” it’s extremely important to realize that weight loss is not going to happen overnight or in a few days. The most important thing you need to do before you start a weight loss journey is to set yourself realistic goals. You need to be honest with yourself. They did not come on in just a few days and it will not go away in just a few days.

But what is realistic? On average people lose 1-2 pounds every week if you do some light exercise (or just plain walking) and watch what you eat. If you will lose more than that every week then just know that you are doing better than average.

Now that we have gotten that out of the way lets bring in the weight loss tips.

#1 – Realistic Goal SettingThink seriously about how much you want to weigh and how you want to feel once you have reached that goal. Once you have figured out how many pounds you need to lose then spread these over the weeks and don’t expect to lose more then 1 or two pounds each week. It’s easier to increase that number in a few weeks if you are doing better than average. It’s however much more difficult to lower the number if you are not doing as well as you hoped. That can be a real mood killer and might even cause you to stop eating healthy and exercising.

#2 – Log What You EatIt may sound like hard work (and it might be) but you have to ask yourself “how badly do I want to lose weight?” – if you are serious about this then you will keep a food journal. If you keep an journal and you are honest in it there is less chance that you will cheat on your diet. It will also help you estimating how many calories you are consuming and it will help you adjust your diet according to how much you are burning every day.

#3 – NO Processed Food (if possible)I’m not saying that you can never ever eat it but you should avoid it at all costs. The processed food contains chemicals and toxins that will keep your liver busy 24/4 cleaning them out. That means you liver is to busy and can’t be bothered with burning fat… so you won’t lose any weight! It’s that simple. These processed foods also often contain high amounts of sugar or something that turns into sugar in your body. That can mess with your blood sugar levels which means that your metabolism rate will drop down to nothing and you will almost stop burning calories.

#4 – Eat More OftenEating 3 meals over the day is a mistake. I know it’s the social norm but it’s not what you body needs. Your body needs 5-6 meals spread out evenly during the day. So eat smaller meals more often. If possible you should also eat the biggest meal when you wake up and then make the meals smaller as you get closer to dinner, which should be the smallest meal of the day (containing the fewest calories).

#5 – Some Kind Of Exercise Is a Must!Even though it’s possible to lose weight just by eating correctly I can promise you it will take a long time. Very long time! You will lose the weight much faster if you do some kind of exercise. If you have never done any exercise or not for a long time then just make sure you start really easy. You can start by simply walking around the block every day. The slowly increase the pace and the time you walk. Before you know it you will be running or even jogging. If you find that boring then find some other way to get the heart rate up. Just keep searching for the perfect exercise until you find something you really like.

I know for a fact that if you stick to these simple tips then you could lose all the weight you dream of faster than you could possibly imagine.

Now get busy and start burning the fat away!

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Jonathan is a fitness enthusiast and a wall mount televisions specialist. Check out http://WallMountTelevisions.org

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