5 Best Tips for Stretching before a Weightlifting Session

5 Best Tips for Stretching before a Weightlifting Session

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Just as you should warm up a pan before cooking, so you should warm up your body before weightlifting. Warm-ups help to increase your blood flow, raise your heart rate, and warm your muscle tissues. You should begin with 5-10 minutes of light exercising, such as jogging in place, followed by 5-10 minutes of stretching. Before weightlifting, such as with a smith machine, some stretches are particularly useful.

Be certain to follow some general guidelines before you do any stretching prior to your weightlifting session. For example:

1. Never overexert yourself when stretching

If you feel any pain while performing your stretching exercises, then you should stop immediately. Feeling paid could indicate improper stretching technique, or an injury.

2. Perform stretches before and after your weightlifting workout

Just as important as using stretching to prepare your body for weightlifting, so you should also perform exercises after completing your workout. This will help your body to gradually return to its pre-lifting status. Your heart rate will slowly decrease. Furthermore, stretching during your cool-down will prevent blood pooling in your muscles. That will consequently prevent dizziness and cramps.

You can perform various types of cool-down stretches:

A. Using each of your hands, grab two upright support posts. Then lean forward until you feel some tension in your muscles. Hold that position for a couple of seconds.

B. While sitting on a weight bench, position your knees ahead of your body. Place each palm on its corresponding knee. After bending forward from your waist, hold that position for a couple of seconds.

C. While seated, spread your knees. After bending as far as possible, place your elbows against your knees’ inside. Squeeze your knees as close together as possible, and then hold that position for a couple of seconds.

3. Make sure to breathe properly

While breathing is something that we do every day of our lives, oftentimes we do not consider what the proper technique is. For instance, when weightlifting, your breathing should be light, regular, and rhythmic. Also, never hold your breath while performing weightlifting exercises.

4. Perform your stretching as smoothly as possible

It is important for you to never jerk your body while doing your stretching exercises. Instead, try to perform the stretches as smoothly as possible. This will make your stretching more effective and will help to prevent injuries from occurring.

5. Follow general procedures when doing stretching exercises

Just as it is important to follow certain procedures when weightlifting, you should adhere to certain procedures when doing stretching exercises before or after your workout. Here are some of the basic steps:

• Stop stretching when you feel a little tension in your muscles

• After performing the initial stretch, hold the position for 10-30 seconds

• After the initial stretch, stretch a little bit further and hold it for 10-30 seconds

Stretching can be a key component of your warm-up and cool-down routines. Use the aforementioned tips to make it as effective as possible. Stretch before (and after) lifting!

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