5 Amazing Ways Exercise Can Benefit You

5 Amazing Ways Exercise Can Benefit You

Article by L J McKeever

We all know that exercise is good for us, but not many people know exactly how many benefits there are to exercising. Here are five amazing ways exercise can benefit you:

1. Exercising can give you good skin

When we exercise we increase blood circulation and allow our skin to receive more oxygen. Exercising also makes you sweat nasty toxins out of your skin, leaving your pores clear and fresh. Make sure you shower after you exercise to prevent the growth of bacteria.

2.Exercising can combat depression

Several mental health foundations have successfully proved that exercise is as effective in combating depression as anti-depressants are. Exercise increases the amount of endorphins we produce, which in turn can make you happier. It also can improve yourself image and provide you with a positive goal to focus on.

3.Exercise can relieve you of a bad back

Once upon a time, anyone suffering with a bad back was advised to ‘take it easy’ but now medical opinion firmly sways in favour of using light exercise to combat a bad back. Walking each day can help tone those muscles that support your back, it can make bones denser and stronger and improves your blood circulation, all of which can relieve a bad back.

4.Exercising can promote better fertility

Exercise can help you get pregnant too! Studies have found that those women who lead a healthy and active lifestyle are far more likely to conceive than those who are not healthy. Exercise is a key part of leading a healthy lifestyle, it reduces your chances of obesity and stress, both of which can prevent you from conceiving. Exercises such as yoga may even encourage blood flow to certain organs, enhancing their function and increasing your chances of falling pregnant.

5.Exercise can improve your sex life

Studies have found that exercise can increase your potency and enhance your sex life. Exercise can increase energy levels, it can make you happier and it can reduce stress, all of which will lead to a more active sex life.

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