30-Minute Workout Plan with Ivy Larson (Spring Shape Up!)

hotandhealthyliving.com 30-Minute Workout Plan with Ivy Larson (Spring Shape Up!) The first day of spring is going to be here in less than four days so its time to start shaping up for summer! The workout Im doing these days combines muscular endurance moves with strength building exercises—this combination helps to maximally tone muscles while simultaneously increasing your resting metabolism (which of course will help you burn fat faster!) While this workout will help increase your strength, I promise it wont bulk you up. Do make sure you use heavy enough weights to really exhaust your muscles though; if you use a weight thats too light you just wont see results. The weights you lift should be heavy enough so that you notice your heart rate increasing while you are doing the exercises, but not so heavy that you sacrifice form. Never sacrifice form in an effort to lift heavier weights! My 30-minute workout program is a full-body workout that combines strength, flexibility and endurance exercises. Its a circuit training routine and the perfect way to get functionally fit in a very short amount of time. I recommend doing this workout 3 times a week. This is very doable as I know everybody can squeeze a 30-minute workout in (especially one that you can do at home) at least 3 times a week!! Getting physically fit need not be a full time job. Be sure to concentrate on the movements and dont rely on momentum. Its always better to do the exercise with correct form and to
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