3 Reasons Why Yoga is for Everyone

3 Reasons Why Yoga is for Everyone

Article by Jamie Senic

By now you have probably realized that yoga is a very popular activity and form of exercise. But have YOU ever considered doing yoga? Maybe you haven’t for a varity of reasons. The truth is that many of the reasons people don’t do yoga as based on myths. Hopefully this article will clear up some myths about yoga and you might start taking yoga classes too! Myth 1: Yoga is Only For Young PeopleYoga is enjoyed by people of all ages. This great form of exercise is enjoyed by people of all ages. Small children can enjoy creative yoga classes where they transform there bodies along with instructions from a story. Older people 50+ with consistent practice can perform all the same postures as a a younger person. They may not be able to bend over backwards but they can still bend back and it will be good for them!Myth 2:c Yoga is Only for Fit PeopleThe only reason this myth exists is because of how well yoga works. Within weeks of going to yoga classes 3-4 time a week people start to see results. Those who go consistently are some of the best looking, healthy, in shape people you will ever meet! Those who start doing yoga but are not very flexible can be assisted with the help of yoga blocks and straps to help them in the poses. Another iimportant thing to realize about doing yoga is that all the poses can be done to varying degrees. Its not important to do the poses perfectly. You get all the benefits of the postures simply by TRYING! Yoga is all about effort. When you make an effort you get results. End of story, end of myth.Myth 3: Yoga is Only for Spiritual People or HippiesPeople from all walks of life do yoga and while it has a spiritual background and was designed to help people with spiritual purposes it has since evolved and changed to suit the attitudes, beliefs and lifestyles of everyone. For those who don’t know, yoga was oringinally “designed” to help people keep in shape while meditating. You can’t expect to sit still all day everyday and live for a long time! People need exercise and fitness!Further more,most all of yogas “spiritual” teachings come from inside. Its a personal experience. Some people might use yoga to feel more calm which helps them focus on their spirituality, others may feel like being committed to their health enhances their commitment to their spirituality. Yoga is very scientific too, its not hard to see the medical and health benefits yoga brings to people. So feel free to analyze and deconstruct to your inner scientists hearts content!We have just learned that almost anyone can do yoga. The young and old can both do the postures and enjoy the exercise. People of all sizes and shapes participate and see amazing results. Finally, all kinds of beliefs work inside the yoga construct. So, hopefully now you have a few less reasons not to start to enjoy the benifits of this wonderful acitivity yourself today!

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