3 Exercise Tips During Pregnancy

3 Exercise Tips During Pregnancy

Article by Jason Johanson Lim

A lot of people are unaware on how to stay healthy during pregnancy. This is very important as you could not exercise as usual during pregnancy. But do not give yourself an excuse that you could not any exercise plan during the pregnancy. There are 3 tips to help you in your exercise plan during the pregnant period.

1. Walking

Walking is very easy and simple, and it is effective to maintain your healthy lifestyle. Some people are using this method to lose their body weight. Therefore, please remember to keep a good posture when you are walking. Do your best to relax yourself while you are walking.

If you plan to have a walk at outdoor. Please remember to keep a bottle of water with you always. You are advised to avoid direct sun light, and slopes to avoid the souring of your heart rate. Of course, you have to wear a pair of comfortable shoes to carry out your exercise.

2. Swimming

Do not think that you cannot swim during pregnancy. Swimming does help especially during the last stages of your pregnancy. If you think that walking is uncomfortable, then swimming would be your alternatice choice. Swimming is great because the water supports your body weight, and it helps you to lower down the pressure on your lower back, and also on your joints.

3. Yoga and Low-impact Aerobics

These exercises are quite common at a lot of hospitals and health clubs for women are in pregnancy. This is because women are likely to lose their stamina and balance during the pregnancy, and it is vital to find a suitable exercise to them. Therefore, yoga and low impact aerobics are designed to allow the pregnant women to exercise safely. Certainly, the exercises must be carried at a well ventilated room with suitable gym suit.

As a conclusion, exercises are also vital to women in pregnancy period. It could maintain the body health, and increase the stamina of body.

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Jason is the author of Walking and Weight Loss, Cardiovascular Exercise and being a part time personal fitness trainer now. He has a blog about Weight Loss.

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