3 Abs Diet & Workout Tips

Click here to get abs: www.sixpackshortcuts.com?c=1&k=1234 Ever wonder what you should be EATING to get abs, and what types of WORKOUTS you should be doing? In this video Dan and I cover — Abs diet — what type of diet should you be following to get abs? — Abs workout — what type of workouts should you be doing to get abs? — Abs training — What type of personal trainer or coach should you be looking for to help you lose your belly fat and get abs? We also talk about whether you should be using light or heavy weight in your workouts, and we give you a few specifics from our diet. If you want more detail, don’t worry! We’re going to be coming out with more nutrition and diet videos soon. If you have any questions, leave me a COMMENT! I can’t answer every one, but if a question keeps coming up I will try and make a video about it. And if you’d like to get a ripped body and six pack abs, check out Six Pack Shortcuts. It’s the proven system for burning your belly fat and getting lean, defined abs. It contains everything you need to know about exercise and nutrition — and it comes with unlimited 1-on-1 coaching from me personally. Check it out here: www.sixpackshortcuts.com?c=1&k=1234 -Mike

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