28 Tips To Lose Weight

28 Tips To Lose Weight

Article by Andrew Morre

As bathing suit season approaches, many people are looking for tips to lose weight and look their best. Whether through special diets, exercises and even less conventional methods, you can lose that extra weight and be ready to hit the beach before the end of summer. The following tips can be used by just about anyone to achieve most weight-loss goals, and most are inexpensive and easy if not entirely free.

Tips to Lose Weight: Diet – Lose Weight Eating

#1. Eat more fiber. Eating foods with high levels of fiber, such as vegetables and grains, leave the body feeling more full without as much fat and calories.

#2. Get protein. Protein is needed to form new muscle, making it an essential part of any workout routine. Like fiber, high protein foods are more “satisfying” to the body.

#3. Watch the carbs. Carbohydrates are essential in creating and maintaining energy, but in excess they can actually cause weight gain. Limit intake of these, particularly close to bedtime.

#4. Avoid fats. This is a no brainer. The body needs some fat to be healthy, but there are plenty of naturally occurring sources that are far healthier than processed junk foods.

#5. Cut down on sugar. If you are encouraging your body to burn up its fat stores, avoid sugar where possible. The body loves to burn sugars first, meaning these empty calories are actually protecting your stored fat.

#6. Eat less at night. Metabolism slows when we are sleeping, meaning any food that is ingested just before bed will likely be stored as fat.

#7. Eat first thing in the morning. Eating breakfast is essential in kick-starting a sleeping metabolism.

#8. Eat more vegetables. Not only are veggies packed with the vitamins and minerals our bodies need, they have little to no calories or fat.

#9. Be consistent. As with workout routines, the best diet to lose weight is the one that you will stick to.

#10. Everything in moderation. While completely avoiding the unhealthy treats you love is the most effective way to lose weight through diet, this may cause some to completely break down and binge. If a treat now and then will help you stay motivated, it should not hinder your weight-loss too drastically.

Tips to Lose Weight: Everyday Weight-loss

The easiest way to lose weight is to do little things every day to improve your overall health and fitness. Here are a few tips to lose weight to follow throughout your daily routine that will burn calories and provide extra energy.

#11. Take the stairs. Many of us either work or live in buildings where we have the option to take an elevator or escalator everyday. Taking the stairs instead is a great way to up the heart rate. Remember: an elevated heart rate means more calories burned.

#12. Park further away. Taking the first parking spot available instead of searching for a closer option and walking the extra distance will not only burn calories on the go, but may save time that would be otherwise used to find that ideal spot.

#13. Choose the lighter meal. While much of the food offered at restaurants is high in fat and sugar, most places will offer at least one light or vegetarian option. These selections are often just as filling and include more of the nutrients the body needs and less of the ones it does not.

#14. Bike to work. Most people waste unnecessary gas driving to work and other places. Biking is not only better for your wallet and the environment, it is an excellent cardiovascular exercise that is low impact and invigorating.

#15. Get out of that seat. Scientists have found that not only is excessive sitting bad for our posture, it reduces our daily calories burned to basically nothing. If you must sit for work, find as many opportunities as possible to get up and walk around.

#16. Don’t skip meals. It is a common misconception that not eating a meal or two will help lose weight. What actually happens is that the body goes into starvation mode, lowering the rate of metabolism drastically.

#17. Walk more. Walking is actually one of the best fat-burning exercises we can perform, and it can be done at any time, in any place.

Tips to Lose Weight: Lose Weight Naturally with Exercise

#18. Workout frequently. Less strenuous workouts performed more frequently are generally ideal to the other way around. Try doing cardio or weight-training 20-30 minutes a day, 3-5 days per week.

#19. Lift weights. Many people will forgo weightlifting in favor of cardio-oriented exercises. While cardio is undoubtedly important to weight-loss, lifting weights essentially turns fat into muscle, meaning you will lose weight fast.

#20. Do yoga. Yoga will not only improve overall flexibility and balance, but the more advanced poses are actually effective weight-loss exercises themselves.

#21. Do plenty of cardio. Exercises that increase your heart rate for extended periods of time improve metabolism and burn hundreds of calories. If running is too strenuous, try low impact alternatives like biking or swimming.

#22. Jump rope. You don’t have to leave home or even have a lot of space to get a great cardio workout. Skipping rope can burn up to 1,000 calories per hour.

#23. Study martial arts. Wrestling and sparring with a partner is fun and extremely athletic. Studying a martial art will also improve confidence and teach self-defense.

#24. Enlist a workout buddy. Having a friend to do your weekly workout routines with will make the process more fun and inspire both of you to stick to the program.

#25. Stick to your routine. The best workout routine is the one you perform on schedule every week.

Tips to Lose Weight: Less Conventional Methods

#26. Liposuction. The fastest way to lose weight is, of course, to have a surgeon remove it. Many will simply gain the weight back, however, making this a temporary solution in addition to a dangerous and costly one.

#27. Gastric bypass. Another surgical route to weight-loss involves reducing the size of the stomach, allowing the patient to feel more full with less food consumed.

#28. Space travel. Being in a lower gravity environment will result in instant and permanent weight-loss in the most literal sense. It will not, however, make you look any better in a bikini.

Following these 28 tips will not make you a supermodel overnight. They will, however, steadily get you to your weight-loss goal, improving your energy levels, physical strength, and even self-esteem along the way.

In short, follow these tips to lose weight and, in time, you will do just that.

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