23 Exercises With Homemade Ring – Blast Strap – TRX

3 FREE BONUSES: www.synergy-athletics.com MANUAL: www.BullStrength.com Give it a thumbs up and I will show you how to make a more advanced version of these next week! Bodyweight Ring Workouts – Joe Hashey, CSCS Every lifter must first be able to control their body weight before they progress onto weighted movements. Even after months or years of training, there are always body weight exercises in our program. Rings and straps are a great way to increase difficulty for the advanced lifters, while helping them gain a command over their own body weight. History of Ring Training Ring training was developed during the early 1800s in Germany. The original “rings” looked more like triangles than circles. As you will see in the video near the end of this article, we use both the circle and the triangle variations. Free hanging rings first appeared during the Olympics in 1924 where gymnastics continued to innovate new movements. Vince Vaughan was seen training on the rings in the 2003 movie Old School. The only importance of Old School is that my athletes all want to attempt the iron cross and yell “still holding!” Body Weight Exercises Are For the Weak I had an experienced gym “guru” come up to me while I was performing ring dips and say, “You are strong, so why are you wasting your time on bodyweight exercises? Those are for the weak people that can’t lift the iron!” I invited him to try a set of ring dips, and despite his high degree of strength he mustered up 1…barely. The
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