1Vizn Velocity WEIGHT LOSS Supplement Pill / 8 Hour Energy Boost / Multi-Vitamin Testimonial

I have now lost 45 pounds in 3 Months! [updated Dec 5, 2011] I have a lot more energy every day and It is all thanks to 1ViZN and their products. Even if you are not looking to lose a lot of weight this is a great product to take for the energy it can give you. My wife, Trisha, takes Velocity just for the Energy and loves it! VELOCITY WEIGHT LOSS Velocity Weight Loss- an ALL NATURAL one-a-day Multi-Vitamin, up to 8 hours Energy, and Weight Loss supplement. Velocity is an all natural weight loss supplement loaded with super fruits Acai, Camu-Camu, Cupuacu and more. With just one capsule a day, Velocity adds up to 8 hours of energy boost without the usual crash when it wears off. The Pure Dried blend of fruit acts as a multi-vitamin and provides many health benefits. It suppresses hunger and curbs cravings for sugar and fast foods, making it easier to eat healthy and smaller portions and maintain a healthy weight long term. Velocity is quickly becoming a favorite of all who have a desire to shed excess weight. It is providing steady and measurable results that are changing lives every day. With natural components blended specifically to address weight loss, Velocity allows each user to experience the power of regaining control over their lives. Not only is fat being burned, but confidence is renewed as we feel healthier and look the way we’ve dreamed. “VELOCITY” Supplement Facts: Proprietary Amazon Powrblend* Formula 10 mg Proprietary Weight Loss Formula 342 mg Trace

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