1993 Kripalu Yoga exercise presentation component 1

This is one of the most i s o n e o f t h e m o s t considerate and n d articulate descriptions o f three phase Kripalu Yoga exercise written a n d choreographed b y Christopher Baxter. This 1993 demo w a in s of i n honor o f Gurudev’s( Yogi Amrit Desai’s )60th birthday party. The yogis in the i n t h e demonstration a r e Jayant (Bradley Tryon) Rajen (Scott Morley)Ramdas, Murali, Vinai (Tom Gillette) and a n d Justis Hatch. Present are many r e m a n y masters, consisting of Bikram Choudhury. Various other Kripalu ashram notables reveal up u p including Devanand, Krishnapriya, Brahmanand (Don Stapleton) Shantipriya (Marcia Goldberg) Vasudha (Joyce Orr) and a n d others. will also This video w i l l an l s of how offer y o used to a n inside peek o f h o w Kripalu ashram u s e d their o be, everybody suited up i n t best h e i r Bhakti b e s t whites. Its pleasant.

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