10 Minute Routine for Daily Yoga Practice

A well balanced yoga routine that includes numerous vital stretches, compressions, twists, and inversions, performed by a middle aged man with some belly fat. [To show that yes, it can be done!] Combined with deep breathing and “mantras” which are actually quotations from the Zohar and other Jewish blessings. [In Hebrew and Aramaic] This is syncretic, pick-and-choose excercise that draws from Yoga and Jewish meditation and I freely admit that it cannot be truly called either Yoga or Judaism. It’s something new, woven of things ancient, that I developed out of my own needs, spiritual intuition, and necessity. LIke most people, I am over-committed, over-scheduled, and over-stimulated. After neglecting the regular yoga practice of my youth for a decade, I realized I was a computer expert but FAT. I knew the only hope was DAILY practice, at whatever compromise necessary. So, I said: “I’ll do a few quick asanas [poses] each morning, and not attempt a full 45 minute workout.” 12 years later, after missing only a handful of days in all that time, I’ve added more poses, and because it feels so excellent, I go about 20 minutes each morning. That’s 2hrs and 20mins of yoga each week, or what used to be two classes. I’m still fat, but not as bad, and I’m super flexible and have no backaches or restless legs or shoulder pain any more. Knock on wood. This video demonstrates how a rounded series of postures can be crammed into 10 minutes, if that’s all the time you’ve got. When time

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