10 Great Tips on How to Sleep Less and Maintain Energy

10 Great Tips on How to Sleep Less and Maintain Energy

Article by Chloe Wodard

We need to sleep to recover from illness, eliminate stress, improve memory and develop concentration. While the amount of sleep that we need varies from person to person, we all need sufficient good quality sleep for us to develop these abilities and become more productive during our waking hours.

With the amount of things that we need to do everyday, more and more people choose to stay awake and get less sleep. Yeah we simply don’t want life’s opportunities, affairs and happenings to pass us by. And we want to achieve these things and at the same time maintain our power and energy and stay healthy. Can we actually do that? The good news is it’s indeed possible for us to sleep less, have energy and stay healthy.

Add these tips to your routine and eventually, you’ll know how to sleep less and stay energetic so you can get more work done without risking your health:

1. Do not eat at least 2 hours before your bedtime. Avoid heavy meals especially during dinner. Don’t go to bed on a full stomach.

2. Sleep in a dark, quiet and well-ventilated room. Too bright lights, noises and a too cold or too warm temperature can disrupt your sleep. Fresh air can make your sleep better.

3. Exercise has a lot of health benefits. Do a light exercise like walking or yoga at night so you can sleep better. Exercises like these help release tension without overstimulating our body.

4. Listening to soothing tunes can help relax your mind and body. You can use music as a therapeutic tool to release tension as bedtime approaches.

5. Many people like to watch TV before going to sleep. As an alternative, why not just play a quiet computer game to get rid of the day’s stresses? These games can also help you learn new skills and improve your mental abilities.

6. Take a bubble or warm bath. This is a great relaxing activity and habit before bedtime. Pamper your body and refresh your mind by soaking in a tub of bubbles. What’s nice is that you’ll go to bed feeling and smelling good.

7. Get a massage to bust your stresses away and to feel real good. You can do a self-massage or use massaging tools so you’ll feel relaxed. A massage will also help you fall asleep easily and quickly. You’ll be well rested so even if you plan to sleep less, you can still have enough energy during the day.

8. De-clutter your spot. Clutter or dirt can cause additional stress and can sap your energy. Clean up and organize your room to eliminate stress. It will help you have a peaceful rest.

9. Meditate to relieve tension in your mind and body. This practice not only relaxes your mind and body, it also creates inner peace. It is a great stress buster and sleeping aid.

10. Writing in a journal or diary is a great way to end the day. This will help clear your mind, solve your problems, process your emotions, and prepare you for the following day.

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Chloe Wodard is a freelance writer. She writes articles on tiredness, sleep and health. Learn more on how to sleep less, gain energy and stay healthy. Just click on the link.

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